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Recipes From Afghanistan

A collection of recipes from Afghanistan and information about Afghan cuisine, ingredients, and cooking styles. See also our Afghanistan Travel Guide.

Firnee Recipe
This recipe for Firnee, an Afghan dessert pudding made with cornstarch and milk, is flavored with rosewater and cardamom and topped with ground pistachio nuts.

Saratoga Springs Library Afghan Recipes
Includes recipes for Bonjan Salat (an eggplant salad), Asabia el Aroos (filo and almond sweet pastry), Firnee (rose water and cardamom pudding), Korme-i-Sabzee (spinach stew with beef or lamb stew), Kadu Bourane (butternut squash cooked with onion and spices), Kofta (beef meatballs with onion, green pepper, and coriander), Qabeli Pilau (lamb and rice pilaf with carrots and raisins, Spiced Tamarind potatoes, and Khatai (cardamom and pistachio cookies).

Afghan Cooking by Humaira and Katie
A collection of Afghan recipes and general information about the food of Afghanistan by Afghan Friends Network founder Humaira Ghilzai and food writer Katie Morford. Includes Afghan menus and recipes for Afghan kebabs, other entrees, soups, rice and pasta dishes, salads, vegetable dishes, and desserts.

Imamas Kitchen Afghan Recipes
At the bottom of this page on Afghan food and cooking there are several Afghan recipes. Includes recipes for a yogurt soup, lentil soup, lamb with spinach, kebabs, an Afghan cilantro chutney, chicken pilaf, ground meat kebabs, and beef meatballs made with ground chickpeas. From the Immamas Kitchen Web site.

Afghan Online Recipes
Includes recipes for Chapli Kabobs (spicy ground meat kebabs), Kofta Challow (meatballs with spiced tomato sauce), Bolaanee (savory turnovers), Cilantro Chutney, Salaata (cucumber and tomato salad), Sabzi (spiced stewed spinach), a yogurt drink, a yogurt sauce, Firnee (cardamom cornstarch pudding), and other Afghan dishes.

More About Afghanistan Cuisine and Recipes
- Food of Afghanistan
- Afghan Recipes Online at WikiBooks
- Wikipedia Introduction to Afghani Cuisine
- Open Directory: Afghan Cuisine and Recipes

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